Some pictures taken at John Richards Nurseries just a few days ago

Photo - see caption
  1. A constant supply of knocked-out liners being fed to the potting station
  2. Stock potted int 3 litre (taupe) being transported out using our electric tug.
  3. Bench-grafting onto potted rootstocks
  4. Tying and waxing the finished graft. These two people are practicing ‘social distancing’
  5. Planting rootstocks to grow into stems for our Front Garden Trees: notice the two men are working shoulder-to-shoulder and how they are protected, not by distance, but by an impenetrable polycarbonate shield.
  6. Clematis being taken care of by Kate – who was, for a time,  out of her accustomed environment!
  7. Grevillea ‘Olympic Flame’ and other recently potted shrubs for late summer sale. We are well on with potting of Shrubs & Conifers; most Trees were done in February.
  8. ‘Spring-tip’ Calluna in full form!